“rainbow colours all over the beach”

It was a milestone to the LGBTIQ community in Uganda to have their first ever beach pride in entebbe. Despite the  re-tabling of the  Anti Homosexuality Bill  in Uganda’s parliament it was a chily day filled with ululations,music,face painting and marching  from the  thick forest of botanical to the shores lake Victoria.  

Great was the day as  people started the day with arrival of the queers  from around  corners of the world joined  the Ugandan LGBTIQ community to witness this event.

Fashion was  one  issue tomark the event and rainbow colours were every where  at the beach. T-shirts ,skinny jeans, skirts and much more was exbhbited at the event. 

Eloquent as usual Frank Mugisha clad in a captain uniform togeither with a Jamaican activist Maurice Tomlison and Mr.Bombastic Kasha graced the event. Just like newly weds,the LGBTIQ community in Uganda had come along way it was time to celebrate.

With no alerts the shameless corrupt police invaded the event before it reached the climax…………..



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