Untrusted politician to be


Human rights activists in Kenya have united to decry hate speech used yesterday by candidate William Ruto during Kenya’s deputy presidential debate.

Quoting inaccurately from the Bible (Rev. 22:15), Ruto said that the Bible equates homosexuals with dogs. He said (at 13:30 on this video of the debate):

“…if you read the Bible clearly, it equates homosexuals with a very derogated animal called dogs. They are in the same school according to the Bible.”

“Careless utterances by politicians can cause a world of harm to innocent citizenry,” replied a press release from the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya, the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, and Identity Kenya.

They noted that people in Rwanda were called “cockroaches” shortly before the 1994 genocide there.

“The LGBTI Community appeals to the people of Kenya to have a peaceful election without dehumanizing anyone for who they are,” they said.

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